-Debra Goldblatt, 
founder of rockit promo

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sari on our corporate wellness program. It's a wonderful way for us to work with our team and give them tools to be the best they can be. It's also a wonderful way for me to spend time with my staff outside of the office!”


Thank you so much again for the session today. I got quite emotional at one point. So nice to see that the goals I set back in January have already been put into motion. I felt so pumped leaving the class today. You have made quite an impact here at Rock-It.  Some with yoga, some with dietary adjustments, and one girl went to Nicaragua to volunteer because of your goal-setting motivations. I’m sure I speak for the team at large when I say I’m VERY excited for more sessions with you.


I wanted to thank you for working with our team.... we have come along away. Your patience, support and intuitive nature have helped us get to a great place. Our staff are not the most ‘work out’ crowd, so the time to do something healthy for the body and soul is really nice. I think they all really enjoy it and take something away individually.

I am excited that we are continuing with you and know it will receive an overwhelmingly positive response from the team.

I also wanted to let you know they all leave signing your praises - a yogi with a warm and comforting demeanour who pushes us just a little to reach our limits. Thanks so much for everything.


“Wellness Week was such a hit and it was something I looked forward to each day.

My favourite sessions were the meal prep classes because we got to create our own (tasty) meals! We even received a mini booklet with the meals we created along with other easy go to meals that were nutritious, healthy and most importantly cost efficient. I also really enjoyed the two other sessions - meditation & the effects of sugar on the brain. They were both very interesting and informative.

After attending all sessions, I felt more knowledgeable and empowered to make the right choices that would benefit me in the long run.

Sari is wonderful and was such a pleasure to have in the office – I would highly recommend doing this program and would definitely participate again.”  

-Annie Salsberg, director of Kabrita

“Our entire team raved about the Vision Session we had with Sari. It was an excellent way to kick off the year and filled us all with lots of inspiration. Sari is attentive, patient, and intuitive. She was an ideal guide for this valuable exercise. In addition to setting our own personal intentions and goals, the group format of the session was a great way to build some momentum and strengthen our collective team spirit. We would not hesitate to work with Sari again!”

maria christina bruno
-owner, ritual hair skin

Eternal gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom with everyone today and guiding us through the emotional process of looking at our lives. I think there were some huge breakthroughs made and am so excited to see the shifts made this coming year. Thank you again from our hearts. 🙏🏻❤️