Essential Oils
A catalyst to self-care, stillness and healing on a new level

It all made sense the first time I inhaled doTERRA's lavender essential oil.

Ironically, I owned and operated a yoga studio for nearly a decade, and we never stocked one bottle of essential oils to sell.
Though practicing yoga and meditation and immersed in a world of education on natural remedies, health and wellness, my attention never turned to plant medicine.

Upon having an experience where I needed support at a big event I was running, I was handed a bottle of lavender essential oil.
I was told to breathe in a few drops from the palm of my hand to receive the comforting and calming benefits. This moment was a life-changing one for me.
I took that bottle of lavender home to my family to share the oil's effects; we've never looked back.

Essential Oils are always our first line of support for every aspect of our health and well-being.


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Essential Oils can help change the wiring in your mind, the frequency of your environment and the state of your health. 

I've been using essential oil products for nearly six years. Both my family and the families I've shared the essential oils share their praise for the ever-giving benefits and the tremendous impact they have had on their health, well-being and household.

My endless passion and curiosity for how essential oils affect our internal systems and environment, and the bridging of the two propelled me to share doTERRA essential oils with others, offering wholesale pricing and education to support implementing them into daily life.

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