“I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.”– Aldous Huxley

Without sounding too dramatic, life coaching changed the trajectory of my life.

Coaching expanded my awareness. I learned the effects of being able to see what another person values and what I value most. This supported my ability to successfully run a fitness studio for 10 years with a partner who was a best friend first. Garnering a higher purpose to try something just a little different to get a different result led me to grow a relationship with my now husband. Understanding that loss and life circumstances do not dictate the future. Learning to sit in the driver’s seat of my mind and realize that I can think and believe what I want and in doing so, manifest the life that I envision for myself.

Learning strategies that I could make sense of and put into practice so I could move my life forward was so inspiring to me that I wanted to teach others to do the same.

So here I am! Doing what I set my mind to; helping women, men, companies, partners and teams to discover the best version of themselves and live there. 

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

The underlying current to my coaching philosophy, like yoga, is to serve at the highest level for you to live your best life and manifest all that you desire. Whether a change in career, need to make an important decision, find love, create more joy in your life, realize a goal, build a business, improve health and fitness, change a relationship dynamic or become more abundant, I will help you tap into your inner wisdom and create strategies to move you closer to all that you want for yourself.

When coaching, my intention is to see you fully and facilitate true, honest conversation that will bring you closer to YOU seeing yourself fully and all that you can be. Specifically, my work is to:

·       Facilitate conversations to support the release of limiting beliefs and patterns to help rediscover your brilliant self and design the life you’re proud of.

·       Support you in identifying your unique gifts and how you can use them to contribute in a meaningful way.

·       Inspire you to express your authentic presence; be visible, seen and known.

·       Help you to attract, create and engage in growth-oriented relationships that are fiercely supported in who you are becoming in addition to helping you set healthy boundaries where they are needed in your life.

·       Create a life that is aligned with your highest values so you can exist in a flow state and have an abundant mindset with the spirit of generosity.

·       Assist you in manifesting your core desires.

·       Help you foster self-care practices so you radiate health, vitality, and energy to live out your dreams.

·       Empower you to know your greatness.


My Commitment to you when we work together are: 

  • Our sessions and work are confidential

  • I will not counsel or give advice. Coaching is about helping you discover what is best for you and holding yourself accountable to make change and capture new perspective.

  • This is your journey. Topics of discussion are determined by your needs, wants and goals.We will raise awareness without judgment.

  • Support you in determining, clarifying, and maintaining focus on your goals

  • Help you stay accountable for the actions you say you are going to take without shame or guilt

  • Support you in developing your own strategies and solutions

  • Challenge you when you may be holding yourself back

  • Be a resource and remind you of your resourceful self

  • Support and believe in you

  • Keep it real

  • Inspire you to stand in your strength

To support our work together, I offer

  • 15+ years of teaching yoga full-time

  • 10 years of owning and running a thriving indoor cycling and yoga studio in Toronto

  • 8 years of leading teacher trainings and mentoring teachers

  • Training and inspiration from a variety of respected coaching programs that include: Big Life, Robbins-Madanes Core 100 and Strategic Intervention, and The Life Coach School

  • Strategic tactics that I have learned, experienced, and applied over the past 7 years that will help move you, your ideas and your life forward

  • My affection for stillness through meditation

  • My love for helping others to take whatever hand you are dealt and create the life of your dreams

Coaching Sessions Include:

o   Scheduled one-on-one sessions (in-person in Toronto or via phone/skype)

o   Email support in between sessions (as needed)

o   Intention setting, discoveries, action plans and recaps of each session



 I believe in this process with all my heart and want you to experience it for yourself!.