It kept lingering and provoking me to dive in years before I actually jumped in with two feet. I was a certified yoga dabbler. A once-a-week student for many years that went to class with friends so that we could all go to dinner and catch up afterwards. Vinyasa and Asthanga yoga, which were the first styles I practiced, reminded me of what I loved about dancing as a kid; feeling free in my body, choreography that demanded full attention, grace and breath; and moving to my own internal rhythm.


It didn’t take time to see that by moving the body and breathing deep to ease tension was powerful. I understood that immediately.  In one of my first ever yoga classes, I found myself feeling suffocated and trapped in plow pose, not able to catch my breath and wanting to escape. I felt it in my body, but my mind was amplifying the intensity. That moment was challenging but on some very unconscious, intuitive place, I knew what was at the heart of this practice; to stay. I could see it was fertile training ground to sit in the uncomfortable and lay witness to that discomfort.  




My indolent relationship with yoga changed when  I moved to hell’s kitchen in NYC after 9/11.  I came across a friendly, warm new studio where I learned a lot about vinyasa, the discipline of the practice and even more about myself. Each teacher was unique and taught the ancient teachings and postures in a way that reverberated through me as young woman who had some healing to do. My thirst to learn more propelled me into a 200 hour RYT at Sonic Yoga, studying with entrepreneur luminary, Jonathan Fields (of The Good Life project today) and Shakti yogini, Lauren Hanna. Their corporate backgrounds and accessible methods to connect the mind and body resonated with me and I cherish the years spent learning in the Sonic community. After teaching 25 private clients a week public classes at NYC yoga studios, Toronto lured me home for many reasons; one being my desire to open my own studio.


Owning Spynga The Yoga & Cycling since it’s inception in 2007, I garnered the experience of running a successful business, teaching thousands of students, facilitating 8 Yoga Alliance certified teacher training programs, mentoring teachers and students, running countless workshops, teaching thousands of classes, but most importantly, being inspired by all the souls that walked through the door. 



In 2016, I wanted to explore beyond the four walls of my studio and share my teachings privately as well as within companies.