sharing the thanks

“I’ve been working with Sari for over 15 years. She is more than a yoga teacher - she is also a friend and a mentor. Her style is what sets her apart from the rest and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn with her about so many aspects of life, both on and off the mat. She is insightful and always presents different ways of looking at things which truly resonates with me. I admire Sari’s courage, determination and strong will. I am always amazing at how she artfully balances these qualities with grace and wisdom.” - R.P.

“Working with Sari has been one of the best business decisions that I have ever made.  This year I committed to expanding my private practice in the way that I’d imagined for years but was unsure of next steps to take to actualize my vision. At our first meeting, Sari arrived with her signature smile, warm energy, strong knowledge base, and encouraging energy. I knew that I had found my person.  Eight months after that first session, I have expanded the practice to offer more services including psycho-educational and therapeutic groups, community public speaking events, and on camera work.  Sari has also taught this therapist tech, with new social media accounts all within the framework of being of service to others.  We are currently in the process of upgrading my website too! Something that also stands out in my work with Sari is the generous introductions that she’s made to connect me with like-minded professionals that I likely wouldn’t have met otherwise and now feel so fortunate to know. Having Sari by my side to be a support, keep me accountable, be a teammate when facing the challenges that comes with growth and a partner to celebrate all the successes makes this journey so much clearer and richer.  I am grateful and look forward to what’s to come.”
- S.L.

“It was a pleasure on my end to attend this workshop and share that experience with my friends. Thank you again to you for that opportunity. I will be forever grateful to you for the rewards that come from the skills I gained during this workshop on reconnecting with and building on my inner self and the importance of meditation for the health of my soul and the achievement of my goals.” - K.P.

Create Your Vision 2018 is an absolute game changer! It allowed me to narrow down and focus on my goals and wishes. It is incredible what you are willing to want out of life when you are surrounded by a group of strong and supportive individuals who inspire your limitless potential, which in turn  allows you to put your fears and doubt aside. Kimberly and Sari created a session that was very well rounded with meditation, yoga, and visualization. I left feeling like my mind, body and soul had been revitalized. If there is anyone that feels hesitate to participate in a session like this, please do yourself a favour and sign up immediately! I have never practiced yoga in my life, nor did I think I could meditate; however the incredible Sari and Kimberly made me feel at ease, accepted and genuinely welcomed. I can't say enough about Create Your Vision 2018! I am hungry for more and am hoping I don't have to wait until the end of 2018 to attend another epic session! Thank you Kimberly and Sari!” - Tania Pereira

“Thank you so much Sari for creating such a wonderful experience with a warm group yesterday. Looking forward to attending more of your classes!” - Elina  

“For me setting goals is such a daunting and overwhelming process. Left to my own devices I wouldn’t even know where to start or how to put things into actionable steps. Enter Sari...when I signed up for her vision board workshop I wasn’t super clear on how the day would evolve and what it would entail. Sari started with a beautiful yoga practice throughout which she asked us questions to get our wheels turning with respect to our goal setting. Mixed in with beautiful essential oils and a combination of restorative moves and flows. 

Following the practice she led us through a meditation helping us to think even more about our vision for 2019. She then provided us with a booklet of questions to break our goals down into four main areas of our life and commit to short-term and long-term actions. We then shared our work with the group and Sari created a safe and comfortable space for this sharing to take place vulnerably. And then we went to work on actually creating our boards!

I would definitely recommend this workshop for anyone needing some guidance on formulating goals for the year. Or if you just want to treat yourself to a beautiful day of self-care connecting with other like-minded women. Sari has a calm and gentle, yet motivating and guiding approach to help facilitate the goal setting process. “ - JK

“Yesterday's workshop was amazing! Thank you for creating a space for us to join forces on the path of becoming the best versions of ourselves. I so appreciated everyone's willingness to share and to be open.  You are both so real...... authenticity is something I value deeply. “ - A.W.

“For the first time in maybe forever, I looked at myself in the mirror and cried, asking myself to be kinder to myself and to stop self sabotaging. Work in progress but I needed to start being aware of this behaviour. “ - S.

“The Self Care Workshop was very inspiring to me.  It is my  realization that the  importance of self care and it’s connection to healing has allowed me to move forward in my new journey. The message hit home.” - P.L.

“Sari and Jodi create a beautiful safe space to feel connected with others to see what we aren’t alone in neglecting our self-care at times. And they reinforced how important these practices are for helping us to live our best life every day. They asked insightful questions to help us focus on what we are grateful for in our lives and finding our true WHY in life. My biggest takeaway was how important it is to stay consistent with daily gratitude practices and to approach everything with self-compassion first. As always, Sari and Jodi’s warmth and deep compassion for helping others emanated strongly throughout the session.” - JK