I was pretty inspired.

And the timing couldn't be more perfect and divine, nor could I be more ready to serve in this way.

Being witness to 11 women dream up and receive clarity about what they want to accomplish, do and feel in 2019 in a yoga & vision board workshop, I was stunned by their courage, commitments to themselves and their revelations in the midst of it all!

It's the REVELATIONS that bring us to our knees, gets us to realign and recalibrate and helps us to get up to go another round towards our dreams.

And I want to support the process.

It called me to offer, The Revelation Series.

A 3 part, one to one coaching series that concentrates moving the blocks that stand between you and your best year.

In 3 sessions, we will unlock the wisdom you are already carrying to

There will be to-dos.

There will be plans.

There will be uncovering the deep "knowing" that already exists within.

There will be work.

We will also remember that place of peace, where aligned action comes more naturally, and your inner guide is alive and well!

The Revelation Series is open now and on until January 31, 2019.

Let's reveal, together, what your desires are and what you want to do.

Let's reveal truthfully.

Let's reveal what is no longer serving you.

Let's reveal, with clarity, peace, your WHY, the plan and remember what's driving you.

Let's reveal the road to holistic health, wealth, relationships, and a career that align with your core values.

Over 3 one to one private coaching sessions, we will

> Meditation



>Break on Through to the other side

>Design our experiences, qualities, thoughts and feelings with purpose based on your higher vision for your 2019

The clarity that starts to come is real, and we will anchor it in from that place.

3 one to one coaching sessions via Zoom, an online meeting room for

$500 for 3 Sessions
(Value of $600).

The offer is on the table until January 31, 2019. Let's have our breakthrough together.