Wellness in the Workplace

Partner with a Wellness consultant to provide employees with physical, emotional, and mental health support and experiences. 


Carmela Serebryany
President of Upper Crust

"Sari is so thoughtful, professional and knowledgeable. She approaches all she does with her whole self. She’s a pleasure to work with."

Jacqui Faclier
Vice- President, Group Director at Klick

"With so many of our employees feeling the stress of the WFH mandate, we brought Sari on to lead a weekly virtual yoga class which we called “Wind Down Wednesday”. Sari is not only an incredible yoga instructor, but she’s also very open to switching up her class based on what the team may need on any given day. When the team found it challenging to make it to class by 5 pm, Sari moved the class to accommodate. The feedback we received was always extremely positive. Sari is a great asset if you’re looking to provide your employees with a great yoga program to relieve workday stress and give your team something they can do together that’s not all about work."

Offer your leaders & teams outlets for health & wellness education & experiences. 

Support & encourage positive lifestyle habits for well-being & personal growth.




🔶 2 Hour | 1/2 day VISION & GOALS WORKshops





Access a Team of Experts

As a former fitness studio owner, I appreciate how to create meaningful experiences around well-being and health. My extensive network of exceptional and skilled instructors, teachers and practitioners offering valuable & impactful education & tools for living well allows us to create a streamlined and diverse wellness program for every budget. Create a well-rounded, custom-curated wellness program for your company. My team of dedicated and passionate wellness professionals are the foremost authorities in their fields and share the latest health and wellness education with company teams & leaders. My web of experts includes yoga & fitness teachers, personal trainers, body workers, meditation educators, niche life coaches, thought leaders, nutritional counsellors, MDs, & healers. 

- Adam Fineman, President & COO of Delmanor

"We were delighted to have had Sari at our annual retreat. In addition to being engaging, Sari did an excellent job relating to her audience by sharing her strategies and insights on managing work-life balance, along with providing the tools needed to self-identify the need to decompress and the methods to do it effectively. In today's climate, the content provided by Sari was truly valuable, and I look forward to working with Sari again. "- October 2021

- Jessica Green, Partnerships, Greenwin Corporation

"Partnering with Sari on Greenwin's Suite Events digital events programming has been a breath of fresh air. With more than 75,000 renters, we need content that resonates globally. Sari's online yoga classes appeal to various fitness levels and experiences. Most importantly, our residents and staff love her weekly classes. Thank you, Sari"

Porsche Canada Corporate Headquarters Employees 

“Wellness Week was such a hit, and it was something I looked forward to each day."

"My favourite sessions were the meal prep classes because we got to create our own (tasty) meals! We even received a mini booklet with the meals we made along with other easy go-to meals that were nutritious, healthy and, most importantly, cost-efficient. I also really enjoyed the two other sessions - meditation & the effects of sugar on the brain. They were both very interesting and informative."

"After attending all sessions, I felt more knowledgeable and empowered to make the right choices that would benefit me in the long run."

"Sari is wonderful and was such a pleasure to have in the office – I would highly recommend doing this program and would participate again.”

Movement & Mindful Meditation 

Host In Person and/or Virtual Weekly/Biweekly & Special Event Classes

Lifestyle Education

Workshops on Sleep, Stress, Productivity, Time Management & More! 

Goal Setting & Vision Workshops

Set Goals, Create Strategies and Plan on Your Success! 

Leadership & Team Mindset Meet Ups

Team Building, Conflict Resolution, & Masterminds

Annie Salsberg
Director, Kabrita Canada

“Our entire team raved about the Vision Session we had with Sari. It was an excellent way to kick off the year and filled us all with lots of inspiration. Sari is attentive, patient, and intuitive. She was an ideal guide for this valuable exercise. In addition to setting our intentions and goals, the group format of the session was a great way to build some momentum and strengthen our collective team spirit. We would not hesitate to work with Sari again!”

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