Welcome.  I am glad you are engaging in self-care and want to meet yourself on the yoga mat. It’s never easy, but together, we can show up for our health and well-being to find some ease and freedom through breath and movement in our bodies, hearts and minds.

Currently, I am not teaching in-person/virtual group classes through the summer of 2024. 

I am thrilled to offer you an on-demand library of over 75+ yoga and meditation classes. Find the style you feel like practicing for the duration of your choice!

On-Demand Yoga & Meditation

Practice with me for the day or the month! Choose from over 75+ classes of mind-body strength vinyasa style classes, meditation sessions, workshops & more!




I have been practicing, teaching and sharing vinyasa yoga, philosophy and mediation for most of my adult life.
In actual years, it will be going on 30.

Although my body and mind’s needs, desires and experiences change year to year, I continue to be energized, challenged and inspired by all that yoga and meditation teach me. Though the need for us contemporary yogis today to hold on to the relevant teachings of the ancient practice, translating and elevating the yogic rudimentary language & philosophies that are a reflection of our evolution will keep the core essence of yoga and meditation alive, well and more accessible.

I never stop learning through my dedicated daily morNing practice, from trusted colleagues, workshops, and training, and mostly, I know from my yoga students.


One on One or self-organized group sessions offer a customized and in-depth opportunity to experience yoga based on individual intentions and goals. We can work together to cultivate a foundation, learn how to meditate, determine which style of yoga works for you, deepen your practice through advanced postures, and work with injuries and/or limitations.

NOTE: I am not taking on any private 1:1 yoga clients. However, please fill out the form for inquiries about teaching at special events.

Interested in Private Yoga? 

Inquire directly for availability.

Please allow 48 hours for a response.