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Hi, I am Sari

Life & Mindset Coach, Yoga & Mindfulness Educator, Speaker, & lover of life! 

I am the mama to Sage & Theo, A partner, A yoga & mindfulness teacher, a life & Mindset coach, an entrepreneur, a Speaker and a visionary, most of all; I am becoming more of me every day. I have lived and breathed in the wellness space since 2003 in New York, LA and Toronto. I am a former marketing exec who was lucky enough to discover tools to elevate my life, heal, and Thrive!
My deep love & curiosity for Personal Growth has to lead me down a prosperous Career Path of movement & Mindset in the form of teaching Yoga & Meditation and becoming a full-time Life Coach. As a former Yoga & Cycling Studio Owner, the experience of Creating & Facilitating Yoga Teacher training, infinite workshops & classes taught me to hold space for others and myself to manage the mind and emotionally regulate. And I continue to learn & relearn to serve clients 1:1 & In group settings, including The Possibility Pod Life Coaching Group and leading Corporate Wellness Sessions. I love to share how living well is possible.  As co-creator of The Annual Yoga Weekend retreat and a supporter of annual wellness events, including Princess Margaret Foundation in Toronto, my love for building community and inspiring a healthier life through yoga, meditation, and mindset training is at the heart of everything I do and Live by.

As a Mindful Professional Educator + Life Coach, I want you to know:

  • All sessions and work are confidential.

  • I don't counsel or give advice. I coach and teach you to serve and help you discover what is best for you. Only you know your life.

  • It's your journey. Your needs, desires, and goals determine each session.

  • Together, we create a safe, judgment-free & guilt-free space & relationship.

  • I help you stay accountable.

  • I support you in developing your self-coaching strategies/practices/solutions.

  • I challenge you when you are holding yourself back.

  • I can be a resource and will always remind you how resourceful you are!

  • I will support and believe in you

  • I always Keep it real.

To support our work together, here's what I've got...

  • 25+ years of teaching yoga & Meditation full-time
  • Ten years of owning and running a thriving indoor cycling and yoga studio in Toronto
  • Eight years of leading yoga teacher training programs and mentoring yoga/fitness teachers
  • I've learned from (and continue to) and been inspired by hundreds of meditation teachers and thought leaders. I've also been certified from various respected coaching programs, including The Big Life, Robbins-Madanes Core 100 and Strategic Intervention, and The Life Coach School.
  • An eternal student of life coaching
  • My affection for stillness through a daily Meditation
  • My love for helping others to take whatever hand we're dealt and create the life of our dreams
  • My life experience as a partner, friend, teacher, student and mama.

Together Let's Unblock what is keeping you Stuck, and move you forward!

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Life & Mindset Group Coaching

Join the Possibility Pod Life Coach Group to see what's possible for you! 


1:1 Life & Mindset Coaching

Dive deep into what's possible by gaining clarity, making a plan, tackling blocks and reaching the desired results. 

Events & Classes 

I'm lucky to share mindset work & yoga at events & classes globally. 

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