Take Charge & Move Forward 

I help you move toward the Vision you have always had for yourself! You have wanted more, and now is the time!  


"I loved Sari's approach to tackling problems. She helped me to organize my life better and helped me get back on track with my business."
"I was looking for someone to help me through a few issues in my personal and professional worlds. Sari was the perfect person to help me talk through things. She was always available and flexible, which I needed with my crazy and constantly changing schedule. Sari was so helpful in guiding me, and I loved her approach to tackling problems. She helped me organize my life better and helped me get back on track with my business. Sari also had great insight into some relationship problems and gave her advice and helpful steps to move forward to help me pick myself up from a toxic situation. She also followed up a few days later and checked in to see how things were going and if I had put plans into action. I had some breakthroughs while discussing things with Sari and felt much better after my sessions. I will return to Sari in the future, and I highly recommend her to anyone searching for help with any problems they have.” - A.E.
Creating the life of your dreams requires us to REWIRE our internal programming to DESIGN, Choose, and take action on our vision.

Designing Our Life requires:

☑️ Clarity of what you want!

☑️ Align with your desire with your mindset, emotions and actions to move you towards your vision

☑️ Nurture MORE Belief In Yourself.

☑️ Learn to deal with self-doubt, confusion, and overwhelm and move past it! 
☑️ Create evidence to show yourself that YOUR dream IS possible today...
And it starts with mindset!

You want something in Your life.

I help you attain it.

Through mindful thought work + strategy + actions, 
together we will get you there. 

By expanding our self-awareness, we can begin navigating our life with more clarity, ease, and purpose.


"As an entrepreneur, I cherish the freedom of time – the flexibility to shape my schedule around life's demands. However, I've learned firsthand that this freedom can hinder success if not managed effectively. Sari has played a pivotal role in reshaping my approach to scheduling, turning my calendar from a source of stress into a powerful tool. Her straightforward approach to time management and business coaching has increased my productivity and instilled a sense of control and liberation in my work." - Lauren 

Mindful Thought Work

✨ Nurture Belief & Confidence
✨ Shift thoughts & behaviour patterns
✨ Release limiting beliefs.

Mindful Practices

✨ Learn to pause and ask within

✨ Take Emotional Responsibility  

Intentional Living

✨ Live intentionally with choices, decisions, actions, habits and routines that feel more deliberate & purposeful 
✨LIVE into the person we are becoming TODAY.

Let's Work Together on Your Mind & Life

  • Private 1:1 55 Min. Sessions
  • Opportunity to Record Session
  • Email Support in Between

People I've worked with:

✨ She's made a career change.
✨ Her kids are at university now, and she's taking the reigns of her new chapter.
✨ She's building a business.
✨ She's improving her health & fitness.
✨ She desires a new job (and she gets the job!).
✨ She wants to find love again.
✨She's repairing her relationship with her husband of 20 years.
"Sari is a beautiful heart-centred yogi and coach. Her passion is helping women tap into their strengths so they can shine. She has a warm and open way of welcoming people and creating a safe space for them to bloom. I highly recommend her for a yoga class, workshop, coaching program or retreat."

-L Macdougall  Coaching and Consulting, North York, ON

My Commitment to You as a Life Coach…

  • See you fully and facilitate an honest conversation that will bring you closer to YOU.

  • Facilitate conversations to support the release of limiting beliefs and patterns to help you rediscover your brilliance. 

  • Support you in identifying your unique gifts and how you can use them to create & contribute in meaningful ways.

  • Support your creation of boundaries, growth-oriented relationships, and a life that aligns with your highest values. 

  • Help you foster self-care practices so you radiate health, vitality, and energy to live out your dreams.

  • Remind you to know your greatness.