Ways to Return To a Healthy Routine This Fall

Sep 07, 2023

Return to a Healthy Routine

This time of year is more than just returning from summer holidays.
It's more than going back to school.
It's more than dropping back into a more regular work schedule.


This time is about returning to me and the practices (and practical ways) that help me feel steady, energized, elevated and ready for the routine of life.


Practices I create support finding meaning in the mundane ❀️, staying consistent in the habits I want to keep πŸ’›, the truthfulness of my resistance to what is at timesπŸ’™, and emotional regulation to weather the boring, the exciting and the rough moments in daily life. 


I've been reading and studying the effects of adversity training (it’s a thing, and more on it another time) and how to choosing discomfort (even a little bit) can help us be with our resistance and prime us for really tough times. 

When coaching clients, in a group setting or 1:1, Healthy Habits and Routines that serve us and give us energy is part of the foundation to build a vision or set our sights on a goal. We need a clear mind, a resourceful mind, an energetic & healthy body, and an open heart. We need to connect with that every day. Not when it's convenient or we need it. 
Here are some good nuggets that I share that my clients and I work together on. 

Before we get to the Return to (or start) a Healthy Routine, it’s crucial to establish and work into the meta-skills (the HOW) to set ourselves up for success!

  1. Ensure it’s doable (for your life), AND be willing to stretch yourself to make it happen.
  2. State WHY it’s important to you. We need to feel connected to why we want to shift something. 
  3. Expect You Will be Uncomfortable & Not Want to do it…. Yes. This is required. 
  4. COMMIT anyway because you want what’s on the other side (ease, energy, peace, health, a project, add in yours)
  5. Share Your commitment with a supportive partner/friend/colleague. An accountability partner can be key! 
  6. Be Consistent. Science-backed that this is everything and is the driving force of forming positive habits! 
  7. Be kind when you veer off to be WILLING to come back!

3 Self Care Daily Tools:

  1. Close your eyes & Breathe
  2. Set an intention & share a kind word with yourself.
  3. Move Your Body (minimum 10 min. daily)


5 Practices (That Work!!) to REDUCE Stress & Elevate Your Health

  1. Create Time: Prep all you can in advance to make the moment easier.
  2. Throw out your to-do list, and Instead, SCHEDULE the to-dos & then show up.
  3. Be Honest about the Stress you carry - What can you control, and what do you need to manage?
  4. Fuel Your Mind and body with Water and food to give you energy & brain power!
  5. Be on top of your Bedtime.