A Healthy Antidote to Feeling Stuck

life life coaching mindset mindset tools Nov 10, 2022

Have you visualized what you want today?

Close your eyes, place a hand on your heart, take a few breaths and visualize yourself doing the thing with the person.

Note how you are feeling.

Let those feelings swirl inside your heart as if it's your reality.

We are creating positive associations with what you want.

When thoughts of doubt or negativity infiltrate (oh, they will so expect it!), please note them too.

Notice how "what you don't want" makes you feel?

We need to examine these thoughts with a finer lens to upgrade our beliefs.

Are the doubts keeping you from taking the first few steps you may be scared to take?

Is negative thinking keeping you efficient, safe (and justified with the excuses you make) from figuring out the next best step toward your vision?

That's your brain doing its job to survive.

Thank you, brain.

It's a remarkable and beautiful device!

But we want to thrive!


So do the thing. Make a move. Write the note. Make the call.

Shifting into a new identity requires us to challenge those doubts.


The loss of not moving in the direction of your vision will far outweigh the small steps, effort and work toward your desire.

Now you are in the driver's seat.

We can shift gears into thoughts that serve us rather than downgrading to thinking that does not support our vision.

Share your progress!