Are You Quietly Quitting?

becoming more quiet quitting quitting thoughtwork Oct 26, 2022

We are always making a choice. 

The choices we make define the quality of our lives. 

We can express ourselves against storylines of complacency, standing down or waiting. 

Or we can express ourselves through the opportunities we choose to make and create for ourselves. 

We are always choosing who we want to be. 


Here are five prompts to help you plant a stake in the ground of intention to NOT Quit on yourself. 


 1 Where could we find meaning in what doesn't feel meaningful anymore (even if we decide to leave/move/etc.)

 2 How can we become more valuable, learn more skills, and take on new challenges? 

 3  Where can we connect instead of disconnect? 

 4 Who could we be if, instead of giving up and giving in to what's OK and comfortable, we gave 10, 20, 30 % MORE? 

 5 How would the quality of a day in your life change if you showed up with more intention, presence and passion? 

BONUS: Where can you show up with your WHOLE heart?