Have You Let Your Positive Practices & Habits Slide? I got you!

Aug 24, 2023

Do you ever get caught up in twirl of the song "I Will Survive" on the dance floor of life, where the world outside was pulls you in and pushes you out.. non stop??!

Well I do sometimes and demanding tempo of it all gets to me.

And the truth is for all of us..We  I let it.
Full stop.

We try to keep up with the 16-count beat of life, but end up tripping all over ourselves. 

For me....at times.. 
I think I am doing my self-care.

I mean... I was doing most of it.

But I wasn’t.
At times I don't carve out that sacred time to be still and find those few extra quiet moments. 

Sometimes, it feels like even a bit of stillness is impossible. 

Can you feel me? 

However, quietude is a firm part of my foundational framework for myself.

But sometimes, I let it slide for a few weeks, and the effects are real!
I feel less grounded and anxious, and my sleep gets wonky.

Sometimes the swirl can last for a while. 

Resisting the stillness within me is often me fighting feelings that need to surface.

And by resisting those unwanted emotions and trying to busy me around them-- the feelings are still running in the undercurrent and affect my thoughts and what I believe to be true. 

▶️ I could RIGHT and DIRECT my mind all I want.
▶️I could check all the boxes off my to-list.
▶️ I could stretch until I could touch your toes, too.

But cutting off permission to just BE daily and feel experiences, however wanted or unwanted, even for small windows at a time, is really... everything and what needs to happen! 

When we skip out on foundational practices, it affects everything.
We don't say the things that need to be said.

We are missing out on paying attention to what’s essential.

We say yes and no to the wrong things.

When we spend all our time head down, doing & talking rather than listening

When we let the world and whatever our mind offers up to be louder than what's in our heart...

We are no doubt in a survival zone.

When we do the things that work for us, all of them, consistently.. our nervous system feels that dancing queen effect on a deep level & that's when the stardom rises within us. 

Many of us don’t know what would support us in processing feelings and can experience the sense of steadiness. 

With every fibre of my being, it's worth the time and the investment to figure it out because it's your life.
We get one shot on this dance floor!

But first...

We must embrace and be honest with the moment we are in and feel all through.

We are always in a dance with the world.  Sometimes, the beat gets so fast, and we think our footwork needs to get fancier and faster to keep up with the music.

But… It doesn’t, and we don’t.
When we realize we are out of sync with the music playing and the sound of the outside world is deafening, that’s OUR TIME.

That's our remix moment. 

That’s our chance for the comeback.

That’s when we stop denying our power, bust out our MOVES, and create something different.

And I believe it all happens FOR us.

For Us to