More Than 1: The Power of Groups

Jun 28, 2021

Before discovering yoga, I first tasted Meditation in a group environment called The Silva Method.

I was 20 yrs old & signed up for a 2-day group program. As I solo journeyed to the event, I began to feel awkward and shy & wondered what I was doing there.

The presenter told us about the Silva Method of Relaxation to rewire the patterning in our brains. He guided us through our first Meditation before he invited us to ask ourselves questions about our own truths; who we are, our goals, and our desires. What did we want to heal? I became uncomfortable and felt exposed, but I stayed with it. Then it happened.

As the weekend unfolded, I felt a growing, contagious sense that we were all feeling each other's energy, listening to each other's wisdom, and holding space for our discoveries & vulnerabilities. People shared their fears, hopes & dreams. I began to relate, feel seen & validated.

We were quiet. We laughed, shed tears, and shared personal stories from our pasts. And finally, we leaned into ourselves & began to experience what we were being taught. My senses were engaged. I was present & in my body. I was moved.

All these years later, what stayed with me was how the power of a group environment can be for transformation. Of course, the content is foggy, but I can recall the feeling of belonging. Since then, I've had the privilege of belonging to many teaching and coaching environments and leading groups. In a discussion-based forum like coaching, we can have an experience that gives us more insight into who we are, feels acceptance, supports healing, & unveils what's holding us back from being our most empowered selves.

The ethos of my group coaching style is about bringing people together, holding space, & encouraging an open (judgement-free) forum so hearts can be shared. So, excitedly, I am launching a monthly coaching group, The Possibility Pod. Inspired by various disciplines & mindfulness tools, this Pod will provide a group coaching experience for you! I can't wait to dive into this incredible process & for you to discover what's possible to create in your life!