Thriving Starts In the Mind

Aug 30, 2023

How's Your Fall Going? 

➡️ New Schedules.

➡️ Back to School.

➡️ More Routine. 

Life is a little extra in the Fall for many!

Traditionally, as summer ended, I was nervous about what was to come, the changing schedules, and the start of winter... I could go on. 

I was overwhelmed and anxious.. and often, not my best self.  

Not being the most organized person, learning to harness my strengths and become my organized self was my game-changer. And it started at the thought level. 

I looked at what was stressing me out and decided I didn't want to feel this way anymore. 
Or complain about the stress. That's not helpful either. 

I wanted to work on it. 


I had to realize something important and make the decision.

I want to thrive.
I want to support my family to thrive.

I want to enjoy my days (at least 50% of them)

I am not into “surviving” and holding my breath until Xmas vacation.

I am into living — not excusing, not rushing.

I had to learn that Thriving starts in our minds, and I am sharing some things for you to consider as well. 

1. Be honest about what you are feeling! We often feel paralyzed if we don’t give ourselves the grace to be truthful about what’s on our hearts. So what is it? What are you stressing about? Feeling overwhelmed about? Frustrated? Nervous? Anxious? What are you excited about?

All of it is normal, so bring it home.

2. Feel the feelings; We want to process them - the dread, the irritations, the confusion, the fear, the anxiety. Whatever it is. It’s better out than in. We will stay in the spiral of it all until we do.
That’s guaranteed.
WE can’t pretend we don’t feel what we feel. So feel it, notice your thoughts about it and….

3. What are the stories you are telling about said feelings ⬆️? Are you talking about the stress, the overwhelm, the packed schedules? Cool..… When you are ready, something else is available too...

4. Decide to think differently about it.  Maybe even tell a new story because when we do, we…

5. Can Do different things. We CAN get a plan together. We CAN anticipate what’s ahead. We Can Recruit partners and people for support. We can find productive or more positive ways to deal with things. We become resourceful! Ultimately… It’s up to us because in the end…


How do you want to feel in the Fall as we return to Life? Or anytime for that matter.

What do YOU need to do to make that happen?

Here are 10 more practical tips for transitioning into this season

  1. Prepare what you can the day before.
  2. Wake up earlier than you want. Meditate. Set Your Intention for the day. Connect with your Goals & Vision.
  3. Anticipate what you can. Plan for it.
  4. Watch your thoughts about your “full” life. It won’t be so full forever.
  5. Ask for help.
  6. Make requests, not demands or ultimatums.
  7. Expect that it will work out.
  8. Breathe deep when it doesn’t.
  9. Trade in expectations for gratitude.
  10. Get A Coach!  1:1 or Join the Possibility Pod Life & Mindset Coaching Group, where we dive into moving with fear, how to be your best advocate, squashing the overwhelming & complaining conversation for good and stepping into what’s possible in your life!!


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