What To Do When You Don't Know What to Do...

emotional regulation mindfulrituals mindset practices tools Oct 11, 2023

I posted this on IG the other day as the wake of the war in the Middle East began to intensify, and those of us in North America feel so far away, yet so connected and utterly dizzying ourselves with questions of how to make ourselves useful to ease pain, fight for humanity and peace. 

I hope you read this, try a thing or two and let me know. I would love to hear about how you support yourself. 

I've been having a lot of these conversations this week.

Many of us are feeling and experiencing things we've never felt.

One tool I use when I don't know what to do is to be of service.

Here are a few more basic tools I have gathered on my own merit through challenging experiences and studying/learning from brilliant coaches and therapists to feel purposeful and supported when feeling stuck in emotional and mental cement.

1. Move. Walk. Use the tension to charge your body or eradicate big, strong emotions. Create supportive space in your body.
2. Water: Drink it up. Stand in a cold shower. The climate changes within, and we hydrate our brains and insides.
3. Sleep and intentionally rest more by choice. Not because we don't want to do anything but because we need to recover and use the brain to do basic tasks.
4. Connect with others even if you don't want to talk. Eat together, Walk next to someone, and send a text saying hi.
5. As said above, Be of Service. Help. Use your gifts. Take care of your people and your home. In doing for others, we will find meaning and move.
BONUS: Find 1-3 anchors that keep you steady.
Suggestions: ✔️Professional Support ✔️ Empty All the thoughts and feelings on paper
✔️Call one friend to vent and cry ✔️ Take 10 breathes right now.
✔️Take a walk.

Sidenote: These tools won't heal the problems across the world, but these tools DO help to heal our worlds, which is a step in a positive direction for the greater good.